Maintenance In More Detail


Remote Diagnostics – provides a swift service to customers who have a modem connection to their telecommunication system. A member of the Technical Support team will dial in to your system from our head office and endeavour to fix a fault or to make programming changes at your request.

If we are unable to rectify your fault using remote diagnostics, we will arrange for one of our highly experienced and qualified field engineers to visit your site with any necessary hardware/software required to give a quick resolution.
21 Plus Telecom Limited have a policy of keeping stock of all fast moving components for the complete Panasonic product range ensuring all engineers are trained to the highest standards.
Next Day Parts Replacement – provides you with a next day replacement of your faulty keyset or non-stock components.
On-site Service – provides you with one of our friendly engineering team within the specified time on your maintenance agreement.

Service Level Agreement


Fault Definition:

Major Fault: System out of action with no incoming/outgoing calls.
Minor Fault: All other faults.

Major Faults:

Target response time: 4 hours with full hardware/parts availability within 8 working hours.

Minor Faults:

Customer Support will respond within the stated response time, where an engineer will either attend site or a member of the Technical Support Team will attempt to resolve the fault via remote diagnostics.
Damaged equipment is not covered by maintenance and is defined as ‘FAULTY OUTSIDE OF FAIR WEAR & TEAR’.
Damage caused by electrical surges, lightening strikes, flooding, fire and any other act of god is not covered by maintenance.
Special contracts may be tailored to requirements.
Please note that ‘Response Time’ means time to site, these are not fix times.

Maintenance Call Out Procedure

To report a fault 21 Plus Telecom Limited would ask you to telephone customer services on 01204 368634
Customer service will ask a series of questions offering front line support as detailed below. You will be asked to carry our certain tests and changes, once the tests have been completed and the fault has not been resolved, the fault is then logged and emailed/transferred to the in-house technical support team for the First line support. Customer service will give you an individual fault reference relating to your fault.
Front line example questions (Telephony system fault):
Details of which site has the fault, contact name and telephone number.
Detailed description of the fault and which extensions it is affecting.
If this is affecting all the extensions, can you dial internally or is it just outbound calls.
Do you get a recorded message? If yes what does the message say in full?
Have you had a power cut or a power surge?
If requested to turn the telephone system off for two seconds to reset, if so what happened?
First line support will offer remote access into the telephone system this is usually within 45 minutes of the fault being reported and should resolve 80% of any issues. Should the remote access or second line diagnosis of the fault require an engineer to visit your premises this will be booked in and arranged with you.

Service Priorities and Response Time for Problems

Priority Impact on Business Response Resolution Time:
Total System Failure – unable to dial to any internal extension or external Fixed telephone number (High Impact).
Major System Failure – able to dial to internal extension but not BT fault, unable to dial an external telephone number, give resolution.
Inconvenience - Problem that is causing inconvenience but not operational difficulty i.e. replacement phone.


After 4 working hours the Account Manager is notified of the fault. After 8 working hours the Technical Director is notified of the fault. Notes: Damaged caused by electrical surges, lightning strikes, flooding is not covered by service and support.

Second Line Support


All products within this report including:

The Panasonic & Toshiba Telephone System are fully supported by 21 Plus Telecom Limited Maintenance, ALL products are supplied AND supported (Second line) by the Manufacturers. This means that ONE SINGLE engineering workforce supports your entire integrated communications platform on first line and MORE IMPORTANTLY, one single engineering workforce ALSO supports you on second line support.
This is KEY to your business continuity as should minor integration issues ever arise with NEW applications in the future, you do NOT have four or five companies involved. ALSO, through 21 Plus Maintenance, we can ensure that between the northern 21 Plus Telecom engineering workforce and Panasonic & Toshiba national workforce, we can deliver and arrange national support should future expansion or acquisitions result in a national network of offices and subsequent communications infrastructure.